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Polyethylene Cutting Boards

The Chef Inox Colour Coded boards are manufactured using hygienic, tough polypropylene. Polypropylene provides an autoclavable product with high chemical, stain and aroma resistance. These cutting boards will do not dull knives, chip, splinter nor warp. They are colour coded, dishwasher safe, non-absorbent and have a temperature range of 20°c to 105°c. They represent the high standard that busy commercial food handlers demand – especially those which need to meet the exacting standards of modern food safety standards – particularly important for such products that have frequent food contact.

Clive Withinshaw of HACCP Australia says, “We have evaluated a number of cutting boards against our standard and, to date, only Tomkin Australia’s Chef Inox Colour Coded Cutting boards have been certified as conforming to the HACCP Australia Standard. They definitely represent the best in terms of hygienic design and materials”

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